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Doing business in Colorado since 1984, Spectrum Electric has an extensive and impressive portfolio of both residential and commercial work. If you’re looking for quality products & superior customer service, you’ve come to the right place! 

As a dealer and distributor for several different companies, we are first in line to receive the latest products. Products like home generators, we are a certified Generac Service Dealer in the Evergreen/Conifer area. We are also dealers for Lutron Lighting Control Systems and several other companies.

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Why use Spectrum Electric?
Spectrum Electric has been in business since 1984. Our employees have been with us for over a decade and are up to date on code changes and new technology. We are very involved in helping the community and are members of the Conifer Chamber of Commerce. We respect people’s homes, clean up, and show up when appointments are scheduled. Most of our success has been because of word of mouth and referrals.  

Why do fuses blow or breakers trip?

This can happen if you have overloaded the circuit with things like; air conditioners, microwaves, plug in heaters, toasters, etc. It does not always matter how big your service is, it usually has to do with a branch circuit, which is from the breaker box to the problem device.

What is a GFCI?
A ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI, is an electronic device for protecting people from serious injury due to electric shock.

How does a GFCI work?
GFCI's constantly monitor electricity flowing in a circuit. If the electricity flowing into the circuit differs by even a slight amount from that returning, the GFCI will quickly shut off the current flowing through that circuit. The advantage of using GFCI's is that they can detect even small variations in the amount of leakage current, even amounts too small to activate a fuse or circuit breaker. GFCI's work quickly, so they can help protect from severe electric shocks and electrocution.

What are arc fault breakers and why do I need them?
The code has been updated and it requires us to install arc fault breakers in the house wherever there are new lines being installed except for where GFCI devices are required (kitchens and bathrooms, etc.). This is a major breakthrough in our industry. This is one of the most intelligent breakers. They monitor the current and discriminate between normal and unwanted arcing conditions. Arc fault breakers are primarily designed to protect against electrical fires caused by arcing.

Why would I need a generator?
We recommend installing a generator so that there is no interruption in your electrical service during a storm or power outage, see our page on generators.


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