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Kristin Judy

BIlly Judy

Tom, Billy's brother, has been in the office since the company began. He continues as our book keeper and payroll manager. 

Jesus (Hey-Zeus) can do anything! He is our go to guy whenever we need to get things done, fast!

Meet the Spectrum Electric LTD TEam

Billy, the big cheese, owner, operator and boss of us all, maintains a hands-on approach to all of our jobs.  He personally communicates custom details to our on-site teams.  

Ryan, our generator tech has been with us for 3 years.  He has the knowledge to diagnose any generator issue out there.  

Ryan Majure

Tom Judy

Miguel is a multi-threat talent. He has been with us for 6 years.  Formally a carpenter, he has the skills to complete even the most challenging jobs.

Miguel Gomez

Kristin, let's face it, she is the real brains of this outfit. As office manager & senior marketing manager you have probably talked to her on the phone.

jesus medina